…by supporting the natural selection of female sperm.

Regardless of whether you want a girl or a boy, the sex of your child is always determined by the father’s sperm. Since the mother's egg cell always carries an X chromosome, it is the father's fertilizing sperm cell that determines whether an XX (and thus female) or an XY (and thus male) combination will result.

Garofil Female influences the mother's metabolism and promotes the selection of female sperm after sexual intercourse. Garofil’s natural nutrients reduce the permeability of male sperm and promote the transport of female sperm in the female reproductive tract. We recommend taking it for at least two months prior to the intended onset of pregnancy.

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Please note: GAROFIL Female is intended to positively influence the desired sex of your future child. However, taking  GAROFIL does not guarantee conception of a fetus with the preferred sex,  as several underlying factors play varying roles in fertilization.

You can additionally increase the likelihood of having a girl following these simple recommendations:

Timing of sexual intercourse
Since female sperm are more "persistent", the interval between the last sexual intercourse and ovulation should be two days. Test in a pre-cycle when you usually ovulate – the best way to determine ovulation date is to get a urine ovulation test from your local pharmacy. Once the ovulation test is positive, ovulation will occur within in the next 24 hours.

A balanced and healthy diet is crucial for every expectant mother and has an impact on both  your health and that of your child. The intake of folic acid is especially recommended even prior to the onset of pregnancy.

By eating a low-calorie as well as a low-protein diet, you can increase the likelihood of having a female child. The "girl's diet" should be rich in dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid highly salted foods. You should also avoid potassium, which can be found in bananas, potatoes, and broccoli, for example.