...thanks to the facilitation of natural  male sperm selection.

There are countless and varied reasons why parents tend to prefer a boy or a girl when attempting to conceive. But in any case, the father's sperm determines the sex of the child. Since the mother's egg cell always carries an X chromosome, it is the father's fertilizing sperm cell that determines whether an XX (and thus female) or an XY (and thus male) combination will result.

Garofil Male promotes the selection of male sperm after sexual intercourse through its effect on the mother's metabolism. The natural nutrients of Garofil Male reduce the permeability of female sperm in the female genital tract and favor the transport of male sperm. We recommend taking it for at least two months prior to getting pregnant.

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Please note: GAROFIL Male is intended to positively influence the desired sex of your future child. However, taking GAROFIL does not guarantee conception of a fetus with the preferred sex,  as several underlying factors play varying roles in fertilization.

You can further increase the likelihood of having a boy by following these recommendations:

Timing of sexual intercourse
Since male sperm are "lighter", you should rather have sexual intercourse shortly before ovulation and then refrain from intercourse thereafter.  A urine ovulation test can help clarify the timing of your ovulation. Once the ovulation test is positive, you should have intercourse.

A healthy and balanced diet should be a top priority for every expectant mother, as it has positive effects on both your health and the health of your baby. In particular, the intake of folic acid is recommended even before the onset of pregnancy.

By increasing your intake of grains and maintaining a diet high in calories and protein, you can increase the likelihood of having a male child. Also, your diet should be "spicy," meaning well-salted, as well as rich in potassium, which is found in bananas, potatoes, and broccoli. Additionally, avoid consuming too many dairy products.